Rift Community Loot Showcase - Looking for Submissions!

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Rift Community Loot Showcase - Week 1 Submissions

Hey all! So I wanted to start a small project that I see others do for OSRS and other RSPS in the past, similar to a weekly highlight reel of all PvM drops obtained for that week, as well as collection log submissions, pet drops, and other notable announcements. This thread will be shaped by you, the community, and we will highlight the best and most notable drops. I thought it would be fun to collect screenshots over the course of the week, and highlight them on Discord as well as the forums, which may motivate people to send in submissions.

In order to submit a drop to be highlighted each week it must include the following:
  • Your Username.
  • The announcement, alongside the kill count.
  • An actual screenshot. Taking photos with your phone of your screen will not count.
  • Must have the date of the submission included in the chat box.
Below is an example of what the screenshot should look like.
Each week the BEST screenshot/drop will win 5 MILLION GP for FREE! I will have the staff team vote on the top 3 drops and highlight the winner of each week. You can submit multiple times in a week, but the drop must be obtained during that week, and must show full requirements as previously listed.

Submissions will be accepted until 4/11/2021 at 11:59pm EST.

So if you would like to have a chance to win 5 million GP, you can submit a drop to me either on this thread, or via discord @ Bolin#3086. You can dm me in game, on discord or post here if you have any questions.
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Going to extend the loot submissions by one more week! Will update the main post. Also no longer going to require the drop on the ground as a requirement, for ease of access.


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Yesterday was spoon on bandos boot


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