SERVER UPDATE - 16-05-21


Staff member
-Fully Custom Preset System with interface - Right-Click the bank booth to prebuild your sets.

-World Boss is now fully out ! We've been testing since his early release, we have decided to
increase his HP and revamp his drop table.

-Added Guthan's Set to the PVP Shop

-Summer Deals are officially here ! Check Discord #Summer-Deals

-Revamped the Vote Shop - We took off item that was not purchased and replaced it.

-Voting Lottery is Officially here ! 1 Lottery Ticket per Vote - Winner gets 2 x Mystery Box.

-Voting pet added when you claim your reward you have a 1/50 chance of getting it.

-Few Shop Fix around Rift

-Blood Fury does have effects now !

-Fixed Tournament First place announcement chat.