New member
Staff Application Format
Please use the format below to post your staff application.

In-game Name: Jix

Discord Name : Pet My Glizzy/Sean#5750

Age: 24

Location/Timezone: EST

How many hours are you able to be active?: 4-5 hours a day/night

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Negative

Why do you think you would benefit as a member of the staff team?:
I believe I would be a good fit for the staff team because I will always be willing to help other staff members out if need be if that's with finding glitches/bugs within the game that need to be fixed. Also, I am a very friendly person and would be happy to help other players in the game that need help with anything or would be able to answer questions other players have. I am here to build with the staff team and make Rift one of the most amiable communities there is. NO toxicity! :)

What are the goals you have if you're accepted as a staff member?:
My goals are to bring the Rift community together as a whole and have fun while engaging with others on the server and helping out with anything that is thrown at me. I'm willing to go above and beyond to obtain the needs that others have and make sure everyone is enjoying their time while playing on Rift. Another one of my goals is to work on fixing bugs and glitches within the game to help the developers make the game more stable and running correctly. I also won't tolerate any toxicity in the game, so anything that needs to be taken action of I will make sure happens.

Are there any issues that we should know of before consideration? Example - have you previously been infracted in-game or on the forums? (this will be checked so don't try to lie):

Nope, no issues here.