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As some of you suggested, we should expend the upgrade table scrapable item list.
We've heard you there and we will do it this weekend.

Which item would you like to be able to scrap ?
Suggest as much as you would like to :


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I personally think you should be able to scrap a lot more items, but they shouldn't give you a lot of points based on rarity.
Rune items could be around 500 - 1000 scrap each, making it grindable without having to PvM grind for those who don't want to. It would also allow slayer drops to be used to upgrade gear which I believe would give players a better chance at achieving upgraded gear.
Dragon items could also work and be worth maybe 2000 seeing they are also a little bit more of a rare drop and aren't craft able, but you can buy them so it would give upgrades a "cost". If you purchase the cheapest dragon item from the store it would cost 3,750,000 gold plus the 10M to do the actual upgrade, which feels balanced.
Any other items could be balanced on a rarity basis, allowing people to give up gear if it'll let them progress an item they use often.